I apologize...

...for not being here.
First it was because of all the moving and stuff. Then I was sad because of the breakup I´ve gone through. Well, I´m still sad and angry and confused and...
Doesn´t matter...
But now...well now I don´t have internet connection. It´s funny, because I´m quite the addict. But I´m doing good. I made a big cleaning in my computer and now I´m editing the photos, which waited for this for months. :D
But I miss blogging.

I hope it will be better soon. Oh, and...I was promoted in my job. :D


Aaaaa! This is so frustrating!

No time...no time! Gosh, this is really frustrating! And I was so looking forward to this blog and all my favourite blogs here on blogspot.

Ever since I came home it´s only stress and stress... The month in England was like blessing, I could relax a little bit. I really needed it.
But now it´s all like before...or even worse - circus in work, where everybody is going totally crazy over everything. And now even searching for a new place to stay and preparing to move.
I wanted to write about the photoshoots, show the photos, show some of my works, but it looks like it has to wait.

But, the good news is, that I was able to get rid of lots of clothing that I didn´t wear for years. Before I was always like: "Well, maybe I could wear this someday." or "If I will DIY it a little, it could be nice."  or even: "Hmm, it could be good for a photoshoot one day."
But in the end it was just taking space in my closet.
I have too many stuff anyway. :D

Now I just hope that I will find some nice place in a good location, but sadly I wasn´t very lucky yet. All the places I tried were already not available. But there are still more out there, so I´m sure I will find something.
 I have one month for searching and moving...wish me luck. :)


Back home...

Oh, how I miss England. That was such a great month, but now is everything like it was before. Well, not exactly.
I will have to move, but I still didn´t find anything.  It´s hard when they ask for a flat almost as much, as I get paid. 400€/month is like nothing, when everything is so expensive.
So I´m looking just for a room again. It should be enought for me.
But I will miss where I live now. It´s a beautiful room and my renters (is this the right word? O.o) are great. But I understand why they have to sell the flat.

I don´t know what to do first. I haven´t even packed out yet. And I´m thinking about selling some of my stuff. It´s hard even to imagine, to be honest. I love all of my stuff! :D
I really, really hate moving. What about you?


Bye, bye England

After four weeks staying and working here is my "vacation" ending...
I would never dream that I will come to England so soon. And that they will pay me for being here! Even if I was here to work, it was a great experience.
Never before was I in England. Well, I didn´t travel much in my life. I was twice in Vienna (for Christmas market - a school trip) and in three small cities in Slovakia. That isn´t much.
So, I stayed in Oxford for four weeks. I took a lot of photos, I spent a lot of money and now, at the last day here...I don´t want to go home.
If it wasn´t because of the people I love, I would probably stay here. :D
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Flight to England was my first flight ever. I was little bit scared, but totally fascinated with everything around me and every little fear from flying disappeared at the moment, when the plane started. And the view! The view was absolutely amazing!
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4.8. we arrived to Luton and then went to our destination - Oxford.
Oxford is simply beautiful. The architecture, the colleges, the parks, the cemeteries... But I still didn´t see everything! And I didn´t get to go to London! Oh, I don´t want to go yet. :(
Well, maybe I will be lucky and they will send me here again. I hope so. :)
I had great colleagues here, I met my friend from Slovakia, who I didn´t see for years. I was lucky enough to met with great photographers from this area for some photoshoots I really enjoyed.
(I will write more about the photoshoots later).
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I´m going to miss this beautiful city and friends I made here, but I´m also looking forward to see my friends in Slovakia and most of all - my boyfriend. <3

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A little bit about me

For a start it´s probably a good idea to introduce myself a little.
I come from a small country named Slovakia. Not much happens here, but can be nice. Well...at least the centre of my city has something to offer (if you like nice old architecture) and we have here a lot of green here, too. But for a goth girl, there isn´t much for entertainment...better to say, we don´t really have a goth scene where I live, probably only in the capital city - at the other side of the country. No goth shops, no goth events and well..not many goths.

One of my biggest hobbies is taking photos. I only have an ultrazoom digital camera, but it´s enough for me (for now). Most of the photos I take are oriented at nature or various objects...and I totally suck at taking photos of human beings. :D
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My other big hobby is standing in front of a camera.
I´m in no way a profesional model. It´s simply a hobby, but I still want to get better and better at modeling and maybe someday do a profesional photoshoot. Living in a part of the country where alternative modeling is an unknown term it´s not easy to find many photographers that would be interested, and finding a photographers who is more (or less) oriented in gothic and dark styled photography is almost impossible.
See on FB
See on FB
You can find my photography and my modelling portfolio on my Facebook page.

Apart from photography I also like watching anime and Doctor Who,  I like to draw (in manga style), write stories, make my own accesories. And I love shopping (mostly in second hand shops).

For the start, this is probably more than enough. :D

New beginning, new start

Is this my third blog? Or maybe the fourth? I don´t know anymore. :D
I always start a blog and then I leave it. But when I feel like starting to blog again, I make a new blog...like today.
But...maybe this time it will be different. I have my slovak blog more than six years, so maybe this one will live for little bit longer.
I won´t know if I don´t try. :)

I hope, that I will never have to write the first blog post again. :D